FAQ – Domande frequenti

Avete letto le FAQ prima di porci delle domande? Nelle FAQ troverete molte spiegazioni.

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  1. Antonio Rambaldi

    Hi, I’m planning my trip from the Aosta Valley (Italy) with my Vespa 125 PX, 1985. I would like to know: Is it possible to get a map or a list of the existing Vespa assistance centres (or simply Vespa fitters) that we could find on the road to Celle? (I hope not to need it, but in case…).
    And secondly: in case of heavy rain, of being too tired or ill, are there in Germany cheap accomodations like the Formule 1 in France?
    Thank you for your attention

  2. Andrea Arcangeli

    Quando inviate a voucher di prenotazione?

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