Camping sites

We will be operating two camping sites for our guests. These sites can only be booked with the ticket registration.

Please note: trailers and cars cannot be parked on the camping sites! These may be parked on car parks that will be defined nearer the time. Vespas can be parked within specific areas on the camping sites; they cannot be parked next to the tents.

Both camping sites are sports fields that are being converted for the Vespa World Days. We will be offering a package from Wednesday to Monday, irrespective of the actual arrival / departure dates of the guests. It will not be possible to arrive before or leave after this time period.

Both camping sites have toilets and showers and in addition there will be food & drink available to buy on site.

In order to counter rumours about excessive prices for the camping packages:
Why is camping “so expensive” and why is there only a package price from Wednesday to Monday?

We have to lease the sports grounds, pay security staff, have medics and an ambulance on the sites, rent toilets and showers, organise rubbish skips, cover all running costs – and supervise the grounds.
In addition there is a bus transfer between Camping West and the Vespa Village. Once the event is over, we have to return the sports grounds in their original state.
These costs are fix – regardless of the number of nights you may stay. In addition it is almost impossible to organise and check smaller time frames.

We are going to the trouble of planning these sites for you as there are almost no public camping sites within Celle

Camping Family

The first camping site we will be offering can be found in the 77er Straße, Celle approximately 850m from the Vespa Village. As this site is in a residential area, all music and noise must be reduced from 10 pm to 6 am. As a result families should preferably book this camping site.

Camping Family (night silence from 10pm) €55
Camping Family (Kids 13-16) €20
Camping Family (Kids 0-12) €0

Camping West

The second camping site on offer is in the Nienburger Straße, Celle and approximately 3km from the Vespa Village. This is the larger site and the regulations regarding noise will not apply.

Camping West (no night silence) €50

Bus transfer between Camping West and the Vespa Village

We are pleased to announce that we are able to offer a bus transfer between the Vespa Village and Camping “West”.

The busses (in both directions) will start in the morning at about 8am and at night the busses will continue until the end of the evening entertainment. This means everyone can leave their scooter in the Secure Parking and party with us.

The price for the transfer is calculated in the camping price and is free for all guests who have booked Camping “West”.

Can caravans and mobile homes use the camping?

No, this is not possible. The “Schützenplatz”, a car park next to “Hafenstrasse”, will be available for such vehicles.

These slots cannot be reserved, they are open for everyone.

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