Tour 3: Kloster Wienhausen (Abbey)

  • Tour length: ca. 63 km
  • Driving time: ca. 3 hours
  • Tour through the abbey: ca. 1,5 hours
  • Individual tours in various languages
  • Tour days: Thursday and Friday, twice a day
  • Departure times: ca. 10am and 1pm
  • Number of participants: 30 per tour
  • Price per person: €15
  • Included in the price: Entrance into the abbey, guided tour

This tour takes you on a sightseeing trip to a once catholic convent, Order of the Cistercians, from the 13th century, which is still operated, but now by evangelical nuns. Both the abbey’s architecture and its singular tapestry collection from the 14th and 15th centures are very impressive.

Photos © Celle Tourismus und Marketing GmbH / Wikimedia Commons

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