What is the difference between “Full Entry” and “Light Entry”?

The “Light Entry” tickets are identical to the “Full Entry” tickets, but without the Gala Dinner on Saturday evening.

Who can register?

Only members of a Vespa Club which is affiliated with a National Vespa Club – and hence also with the Vespa World Club – can register for tickets.

How can I register?

All Vespa Clubs are given a login to the registration system (user and password) from their National club.  In many countries the registration is completed by the National Club.

When can I register?

All information regarding registration can be found here.
Currently we are planning 2000 Full Entry Tickets and a further 3000 Light Entry Tickets. These numbers are not final.

What will the tickets cost and how can I pay?

A Full Entry Ticket will cost € 85 per person.
A Light Entry Ticket will cost € 65 per person.
Camping costs can be found here.
The costs for the participation in smaller daily tours (guided) will be €15 per person per tour.
Payment will only be possible by bank transfer. Precise instructions will be announced when the registration system is open.

Will it be possible to register without the official registration tool?

No, it will only be possible to buy tickets using the Vespa World Club registration tool (VCAERS). (This decision is Vespa World Club requirement)

Can we recommend any hotels or other accommodation

Celle is not a large town; hence almost all hotels are within an acceptable distance from the Vespa Village. On our webseite there is a link to the Tourist Information Office, via which remaining rooms can be booked.

Can only registered visitors enter the Vespa Village?

No, the Vespa Village is open to everyone.
Participation in tours and entrance to the evening programme events in the halls will only be possible for registered participants.

Is Camping available?

Yes, we will operate two camping sites for our guests. Sites can only be booked with the ticket registration. Trailers and cars cannot be parked on the camping sites! These may be parked on car parks which will be defined nearer the time. Vespas can be parked within specific areas on the camping sites; they cannot be parked next to the tents.

Can caravans and mobile homes use the camping?

No, this is not possible. The “Schützenplatz”, a car park next to “Hafenstrasse”, will be available for such vehicles. This is a public area and free of charge. Water points & waste water disposal points are available.

These slots cannot be reserved, they are open for everyone.

Is it possible to use the large grass area to the right of the CD-Kaserne as a camping site or for parking?

No, that is the flood plains of the Fuhse.

Can visitors who have not registered also park their Vespa in the Vespa Village?

No, there is no public parking within the Vespa Village.  The next parking possibility will be opposite the swimming pool in “77-er Straße”.  Registered participants can park in the secure parking area within the Vespa Village.

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