Concours d’Élégance

Rules & Regulations

  1. The Vespa World Days 2017 organization team will organize a “Concours d’Élégance” on Friday 23rd June at 3pm, to take place in the Celle town centre.
  2. The motto of this Concours d’Élegance is “50s and 60s”.  Vespas built up to and including 1969 may take part in the event.  The motto applies not only to the Vespa itself but also to the drivers and their passengers (look, styling, etc).
  3. Participants must be registered attendees of the Vespa World Days 2017.
  4. Participants can register by sending an e-mail with the registration form to including the following information:
    • Name – First name – Town/Country – Club (Driver & Passenger)
    • Vespa model
    • The registration will be confirmed by e-mail.
  5. The jury will consist of 5-8 people. The jury’s decisions are final.
  6. The points will be given as follows:
    • 25 points for authenticity
    • 25 points for aesthetics, coherence, rarity of the Vespa
    • 30 points for participants elegance
    • 20 points for the complete image.
  7. The awards show will be directly after the contest, also in Celle town centre.
  8. All national Vespa Club presidents, the registered participants and the jury members will be informed of the current regulations.
  9. Registration for the contest automatically means acceptance of the rules & regulations.

Registration form

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