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Ooh Wee Funkynobi & Till Seidel Band

A life for Blues – R&B from the Till Seidel Band mixed with the sound from Ooh Wee Funkynobi with Soul, Funk, R&B and Boogaloo Grooves in a 60s & 70s style.
With “our” very own Dennis Koeckstadt hitting the keys of his Hammond B3.


Boppi’n B

Boppin’ B from Aschaffenburg (since 1985) are the most successful representatives of and diplomats forRock N Roll and Rockabilly in Germany. Cult icons of a completely new scene. High level live entertainment. 
Depsite 30 years hard tour life, still not tired, but rather highly motivated and have – despite the number of kilometers – still got their driving license!
Top 40 chart entries, more than 5000 concerts, more than 200,000 albums sold, Rockabilly, Fashion, Lifestyle, Attitude to Life.

Keep care of your Hair!


Since the band first formed in Munich at the time of the Millennium, JAMARAM have clocked up around 2,000 live performances. Their drive and energy have never let up and with their 2017 album »FREEDOM OF SCREECH«, they top it all. The best of Reggae, Ska and Dub run side-by-side here with upbeat old-school Hip-Hop, RnB & Latin.
JAMARAM‘s music is instantly recognizable. Over the years, the travelling circus of reggae & rock‘n‘roll has made its home on stages across Europe, Africa and South-America. They‘ve ridden a roller-coaster of genres without their style becoming in any way arbitrary. You can hear in the songs that they‘re homemade and heartfelt.


Ray Collins Hot Club

The ultimate fifties show – 50s rockabilly, swing, rhythm and blues and a slight bigband sound are the perfect mix for a rock n roll party.


HELLFIRE – this name is synonymous with a gigantic and authentic hell-show with canons and bells as well as true to original interpretations of the legendary, Australian Rock’n Roll band AC/DC, where the lead guitar Marco WISEMER moves over the stage like a dervisch wearing a school uniform and the raspy sound of Ulli DÜRKOP sings his heart out.
The HELLFIRE rythmic factory around the “drum monster” Sascha “Schnickel” NICKEL and the “Strings section” with Matthias GRIESCHAT (rhythm guitar) and Francesco Attilo CALCARA (bass) ensure a decent and correct pressure on the ears.

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