Vespa Museum

Where otherwise horses can be found, in the Spörcken horse boxes of the Landgetüt Celle, the Vespa museum will find its temporary home. A history of the Vespas produced in Germany can be seen there – from the first models built by Hoffmann in 1950, via Messerschmitt (1955-1957) to Vespa GmbH Augsburg (1958-1963). The focus of the exhibition is the Vespas manufarctured under a German licence. In addition there will be a lot to discover and stories which are told.

Post war the Germans, as well as all the other European countries, were back to being mobile, hence the Vespas being shown will be complemented by Hoffmann and Messerschmitt models.

To perfect this exhibition, there will be German accessories from the period along with special editions such as an original Hoffmann sidecar as well as various oddities. A badge collection – solely German – is also a must.

But at the moment we don’t want to give you too many details, as we hope that all our guests will go to see this exhibition, which has been put together with a lot of love to detail.


Photos © Thomas Knickmeier / VC-Celle

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