Nico is in the Vespa World Days 2017 Celle planning team for the tours. The team also includes Thomas, Gerold and his father.

His first scooter was a Vespa PX 80, manufactured in 1981.  Once he had passed his motorbike license, at just passed 16, his life with and about a scooter began.  After a break of a few years, in 1990 he went to a scooter rally in Braunschweig.  He was accompanied by Friedemann, his brother and more friends.  That is when his „career“ as scooter boy started.


Once the Vespa Club Celle was founded then both groups were followed – scooter runs on the one hand as well as official VCvD rallies on the other. The „Red Berets“ runs were very popular as were the Easter runs organised by the Scythemans. The run the furthest away was the „Rudi Völler Run“ in Frankfurt am Main.  He also went to the „Filthy & Sly Scooter Dive“ in Aachen. And of course: always with his own scooter!

The first trips to Vespa World Days, then called the Eurovespa, started at the end of the 90s.  Starting with Groningen in Holland (Scooter: 150 Sprint), then Fourchambault Nevers in France (Scooter: Super Sport 180), Viterbo in Italy (Scooter: 150 Sprint with sidecar), Vienna in Austria (Scooter: 150 Sprint with sidecar) and finally Zell am See in Austria (Scooter: 150 Sprint with sidecar).


Since 2004 he has been trying to link his passion for Vespa with his family.  Both his son (11 and 6 years old) have been accompanying him in the sidecar since they were 2 and love it.

Vespa is a part of him and he is pleased that the run scene and the VCvD scene have drawn closr and Nico is proud, that our small Vespa Club Celle has been a part of this change.

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