Thomas is organising all the helpers for the camping sites and the guided tours. His many tours and rallies both at home and abroad means that he is the most experience person to do this.

Gear change!

Thomas has been driving Vespas since he was 27. That was 1996. In those days he owned a Vespa PX 200. Since then more than one scooter has been added to the collection, including a GS3, a GL and a variety of Vespa PX for daily use. „Changing gears“ is his scooter philosphy!

This is why his best scooter experience was restoring his own Vespa GS3, because once he was finished everything worked immediately!

Thomas’ Vespa friends come from all groups and he spends the whole year going to various tours and events with the. In fact, so many since 1996 that he can’t even count them. The furthest by scooter was the Eurovespa in San Marino. But he isn’t quite sure any more.

We are many, we are one!

He also believes that scooter boys and the VCVD belong together, himself going to various events from both scenes. The motto being: „We are many, we are one!“.

Ride, eat, sleep, repeat – that would be his perfect life. Which is why it is the people which he loves so much about Vespa life. „Normal“ people, who are just as crazy as he is!

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