The Vespa Oldtimer-friends Munich acrobatic team

The Vespa Oldtimer-friends Munich perform a Vespa acrobatic show which is unrivalled worldwide . Balancing on their 50 year old vehicles, they manage not only to build human pyramids but also to perform exciting stunts. The actors, wearing their vintage outfits, the background music and the jump through a ring of fire are all part of the show. The shows are well known in Germany but also internationally and grow more and more popular as time goes on. The group keeps up the Vespa acrobatic tradition of the Fifties. All the elements of the show are based on those developed in the Fifties and Sixties, when Vespa acrobatics was very popular and many European clubs had their own teams. The performance lasts about 40 minutes, putting both children and adults under its spell, as well as the slightly older generation, which remembers the shows to be seen in their youth.

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