Excursion destinations

The Lüneburg heath stretches from Lüneburg in the north to Celle in the south. The Südheide nature park covers an area of about 500 km2. Woodlands and heathland, remnants from the middle ages, are now protected as a nature reserve. Well known in the region is the Heidschnucke, a moorland sheep, which lives from the local heather. The perfect destination for a group excursion.

Celle is the perfect base for various excursions, the local roads perfect for Vespa trips. Within a 100 km drive a variety of destinations can be reached. These include:
Steinhuder Meer, northern Germany’s largest lake with a circumference of 24 km.
Hannover, Lower Saxony’s capital.
The Deister hills with their wide variety of flora and fauna.
Wolfsburg, a modern city and home to Volkswagen.

Guided tours

Finally – booking for the VWD2017 tours will open on Monday 22nd May at 8pm (German time)

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