Tour 8: Autostadt Wolfsburg

  • Tour length: ca. 131 km
  • Driving time: ca. 4 hours
  • Stay in the Autostadt: ca. 6 hours
  • Tour days: Thursday and Friday, once a day
    • Thursday German tour
    • Friday English tour
  • Departure: ca. 8 am
  • Number of participants: 30 per tour
  • Price per person: €23
  • Included in the price: Entrance fee, tour of the plant, general tour and a panorama tour.

Who hasn’t heard of it – Volkswagen’s Autostadt in Wolsburg. Anyone wanting to look behind the scenes of the car industry should go on this tour. Slightly more expensive than the other tours as this includes not only a general tour but also a plant tour and a martime panorama tour.

Photos © Müller, Nils Hendrik / Autostadt GmbH


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