Vespa rent

Unfortunately, as of this date, we haven’t yet found a parner who would be prepared to rent Vespas during the event. We are still looking, but it would be helpful to be able to have some basic numbers of how many Vespas we think may be needed. So: please let us know if you may want to rent a Vespa so that we can get some figures together. As soon as we have any news on this we will contact you all directly.


  1. Hey, hope ur good.
    I would b interested in hiring a Vespa for the duration of the event. Am hoping to fly in on Wed 21st june ’17, and stay with a friend in Hannover

    Warm Regards, Davie x

  2. theodoros stamkopoulos

    Hello VESPA riders
    Looking for an air ticket still interested in hiring a Vespa for the duration of the event. We’ll to fly on Wed 22st june ’17, and stay and hire -ride 2 VESPAS for 4 days
    till the 26th approx
    Best of luck

    Regards, Theodoros ,Greece

  3. Thanks.

    We are from Hong Kong and hoping to fly in on 20 June 2017 and stay and hire ride 5 vespas for one week, till the 26th approximate.

    Angela Ngai
    Vespa Club Hong Kong

  4. Possibly coming from San Diego, California if we can find Vespas to rent. (2 of us)

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