VWD2017 official numbers

  • 34 countries (see list below)
  • 4200 participants
  • countless daily guests
  • 4000 scooters at the ride-out in Friday, which had a length of 5-7km (statement from the Police)
  • 7000 scooters at the ride-out on Saturday (statement from the Police)

At the Gala Dinner

  • 1936 seats
  • 20 chefs and 70 waiters


  • 60 VCC crew members
  • 150 crew members from neighbouring clubs (Hamburg, Hannover, Lehrte, Bremen, Osnabrück, Flensburg)
  • 40 voluntary helpers from the DLRG & Malteser (medical assistance)

Proceeds from the tombola

  • €12.000 for the Bürgerstiftung Celle


  • 40 accredited Journalists

Country split

Albania 2
Austria 64
Belgium 539
Bulgaria 6
Canada 2
Chile 1
Croatia 9
Czech Republic 11
Denmark 42
Finland 22
France 31
Germany 2097
Great Britain 391
Greece 24
Hong Kong 6
Hungary 16
Indonesia 6
Israel 22
Italy 522
Luxembourg 16
Macedonia 2
Netherlands 117
Norway 13
Poland 14
Portugal 44
Republic of Ireland 2
Rumania 10
Russia 17
Serbia 7
Slovenia 3
Spain 4
Sweden 25
Switzerland 104


  1. Thank you VWC Team
    Albania 2 members.

  2. Fantastic event, really enjoyed it . Well done to all involved
    See you all in Belfast

  3. Kyriakos Tsiftes

    Cyprus 3 members ! Thanks Celle, thanks Vespa World Days 2017 for the greate event!

  4. Karl Moeremans

    Vielen Dank für die wunderbare VWD Celle 2017

  5. Karen Montero Gallegos

    I’m From MÉXICO I have been in Croatia, in St. Tropez & Celle. My name is Karen M G

  6. Well done to you guys for a great event,from cog 9 Ipswich,England

  7. Phil. matthews

    Brilliant weekend from cog 99 Wakefield

  8. Phil. matthews

    Brilliant weekend from cog 99 Wakefield

  9. Well done ..Germany

  10. Claudia Spring

    Vielen Dank für die wunderbare VWD Celle 2017 meine erste.

  11. where and when is the next one??

  12. Hans-Jörg Alles

    Super Event, Danke euch allen dafür.
    Ilka & Hans-Jörg

  13. Robin Quartermain

    From the VCB biggest ever Foreign rally attendance thanks to Claire and VC Celle and we’ll done

  14. We are from Hong Kong, wonderful experience! Thanks so much for all the works!

  15. Thank you very much to all hosts and guests. 
    Several things that bothered us as guests:
    • The market was much smaller from last year’s market in France, planned uncomfortably and the product selection was poor.
    • The Marshals Instead of being one of the last riders and take care of a uniform rate – Ride first and disappear from the view …
    • The Gala – The number of guests from each country was not checked, No tables were allocated according to the number of participants and it was impossible to sit together and enjoy the event (France can be taken as an excellent example when the tables were organized uniformly for each country and there was nothing missing)
    Thank you again for your understanding and cooperation

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