Parking possibilities

Celle is only a small town, as such there are limited parking spaces near the Vespa Village and planning is needed.

All Vespisti can park within walking distance: registered guests can use the secure car park in the Vespa Village, all other scooterists can use the top floor of the car park in the 77er Strasse (free of charge)

The situation for cars and trailers is more difficult.

Cars can park on the lower level of the car park in the 77er Strasse, however this is pay-and-display during the day, in addition the parking guidance signs around town can help.

For those who have transported their Vespa to Celle on a trailer, there is an additional free parking possibility where cars with trailers can be parked for the whole duration of the event: on the space reserved for fairs in Garssen. Further details to this and all other possibilities can be seen on the map.

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